Talent Builder for DAOs

Imagine you join a team of 6 core anonymous developers. Their project has turned to unicorn πŸ¦„ overnight, thousands of supporters knocking on Discord, eager to contribute...

Your role is to find the best talent in next week and set the recruiting process for the DAO for next months and years. You will learn of the fly: challenge and rediscover the old ways, adapting them to crypto, and then remix that again, as the new DAO emerges on the months' horizon.

The Role

  • We’re looking for an Talent builder to help us bring the best & brightest to invested DAOs.
    • Find and recruit the very best talent.
    • Build and cultivate long-term relationships.
    • Other ad-hoc tasks and projects as assigned.
  • Proactively and efficiently build a pipeline of top tier talent, spotting hidden gems and tracking candidates for future opportunities.
    • Ensure candidates have a great experience.
    • Ensure we have a structured, transparent, repeatable and reliable interview process that's tailored to our values while minimising bias. As part of this you'll coach hiring managers on how to successfully run execute the process.
    • Select and implement a technical toolset that streamlines the interview process and helps us understand what to optimise.
  • Build and manage a recruiting team over time.
  • Focus on process improvement. Continuously look for ways to improve (and automate!) our processes to make it more efficient and scalable.
  • Participate in different recruitment processes.


  • Ability to take on new tasks and technology quickly.
  • You are comfortable working in a remote environment and working independently.
  • 2+ years recruiting experience at technical companies. Startup experience desirable.
  • Ability to differentiate between A+ and A- engineers.
  • Excellent written English.


  • Remote work. No commute. Lots of flexibility.
  • Autonomy. It's up to you how to achieve your best work.
  • Help define the new internet
  • All financial needs covered. Wagmi 🐸


We love to work with exceptionally smart people on mind-boggling projects. These are the key principles we build our relationships on:

  • NBS
  • Keen intellect, Low ego
  • Open-mindedness
  • Positive-sum games