Open Position: Create it for yourself

We believe that decentralized token economies will change the way we think about money, and beyond that, accelerate the restructuring of society through novel incentive systems. We are thrilled to be in the epicenter and partake in building the new ecosystem.

We are looking for core team member. Passioned, flexible fast learner.

The role

  • Find what your are best at. Name your role


  • Ability to take on new tasks and technology quickly
  • You are comfortable working in a remote environment and working independently


  • Remote work. No commute. Lots of flexibility.
  • Autonomy. It's up to you how to achieve your best work.
  • Help define the new internet
  • All financial needs covered. Wagmi 🐸


We love to work with exceptionally smart people on mind-boggling projects. These are the key principles we build our relationships on:

  • Keen intellect, Low ego
  • No BS
  • Open-mindedness
  • Positive-sum games